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Darla Moore School of Business

MHR alumnus appreciates confidence gained through program

Oct. 16, 2018

Robert Devane (MHR ’17), HR Business Leadership Program at Synchrony

What did the Master of Human Resources program do for your career?

Joining the MHR program was hands-down the best career decision I could have ever made. The program's strong curriculum and even stronger faculty provided me with the skills and network needed to parlay my education into a job with an incredible company. In just a year and a half, the MHR program was able to prepare me for not only entering the workforce, but also being able to immediately add true value in my role.

What was your most influential experience in the program?
Attending the study abroad trip in Singapore was an incredibly influential experience, both personally and professionally. It illustrated the impact that HR has on global business, as well as how to interact professionally across cultures. Personally, it was an opportunity to travel to an entirely new part of the world and share the experience with some of my best friends and classmates.

How did the program help you succeed or prepare you for success?
In my opinion, the biggest selling point of the program is the strength of the curriculum. The amount of learning that is condensed into a year and a half was integral in developing my time management, whether it be during the preparation of a presentation, exam, project or interview. The MHR program does an incredible job of developing that skill, which is easily translatable (and critical) to on-the-job performance.

How do you use your degree day-to-day in your job now?
My performance at work, as well as the confidence I have in my role, can be attributed to what I learned through earning my degree. Every day that I am faced with a decision to make or a project to handle, I rely on the skills that the MHR program sharpened throughout my time in school.

What was the most valuable thing you learned in the program?
As somebody who joined a leadership rotational program, my networking skills that were developed throughout the program are infinitely important. Whether it was having breakfast with the chief human resources officer of a global organization or initiating casual conversations with executives on the Riegel & Emory HR Advisory Board, the MHR program helped me understand how to engage leaders and develop a personal brand that will continue to be critical in my development.

What is your fondest memory of the Moore School?
When I reflect on my time in the program, the connections I made with my peers and professors stand out to me the most. Developing a strong support network is critical for success, and the MHR program naturally provides that. The experiences the faculty possess, along with their willingness to share their knowledge and connect with students on a deep level, created a group of trusted advisers in my life. The creativity and intellect of the students created a team of peers that I was always excited to discuss, debate and engage with.

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