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Research Briefs

Research Brief Title Original Author(s) Topic(s) Keywords
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CEO Career Experience and Initial Compensation Mueller, Georgakakis, Greve, Peck, Ruigrok (2020) CEOs, Newcomers, Executive compensation CEOs, Newcomers, Executive compensation
CEO Gender and the Effectiveness of Organizational Apologies Cowen, Montgomery (2020) CEOs, Market reaction, Firm performance CEOs, Market reaction, Firm performance
Gender Differences in Speed of Advancement Bonet, Cappelli, Hamori (2020) Diversity, Top management, Executive team composition Diversity, Top management, executive team composition
Board Member Exit Following Analyst Downgrades and Negative Media Coverage Harrison, Boivie, Sharp, Gentry (2018) Boards of directors, Reputation, Social influence, Impression management Boards of directors, Reputation, Social influence, Impression management
Investor Reactions to Corporate Sustainability Efforts Hawn, Chatterji, Mitchell Investor reactions, Sustainability, Corporate social responsibility investor reactions, sustainability, corporate social responsibility
Board Committee Overlap and CEO Compensation Brandes, Dharwadkar, Suh (2016) Directors, Audit committee, Compensation committee, Executive compensation, Decision making directors, audit committee, compensation committee, executive compensation, decision making
CEO Succession's Effects on Performance and Strategy Schepker, Kim, Patel, Thatcher, Campion (2017) CEOs, Succession, Strategic decision making, Firm performance, Tenure ceos, succession, strategic decision making, firm performance, tenure
Peer CEO Characteristics and Organizational Imitation Gupta, Misangyi Strategic decision making, CEOs, Personality , Imitation strategic decision making, ceos, personality , imitation
Investor Reactions to CEO Retirement Announcements Bilgili, Campbell, Ellstrand, Johnson (2017) Investor reactions, Retirement, CEOs, Firm performance investor reactions, retirement, ceos, firm performance
Executive Social Capital and CEO Appointments Wiersema, Nishimura, Suzuki (2018) CEOs, Social networks, Succession ceos, social networks, succession
Stronger Diversity Management with Board of Directors's HR Expertise Mullins Boards of directors, Diversity, Human resource management, Expertise boards of directors, diversity, human resource management, expertise
B.S. in the Boardroom: Benevolent Sexism and Board Chair Orientations Oliver, Krause, Busenbard, Kalm (2018) CEOs, Board chair, Trust, Diversity ceos, board chair, trust, diversity
How Male Predecessors Affect the Success of Female CEOs Dwivedi, Joshi, Misangyi (2017) CEOs, Succession, Diversity, Firm performance, Mentorship ceos, succession, diversity, firm performance, mentorship
Manager Political Beliefs and Gender Inequality Carnahan, Greenwood Politics, Diversity, Managers politics, diversity, managers
The Aquisitive Nature of Extraverted CEOs Malhotra, Reus, Zhu, Roelofsen CEOs, Mergers and acquisitions, Social networks ceos, mergers and acquisitions, social networks
CFOs Mimicking the CEO Shi, Zhang, Hoskisson Executive leadership team, CEOs, CFOs, Behaviors, Mergers and acquisitions executive leadership team, ceos, cfos, behaviors, mergers and acquisitions
Gender Pay Disparities in CEO Compensation Gupta, Mortal, Guo (2018) Executive compensation, Diversity, CEOs, Boards of directors executive compensation, diversity, ceos, boards of directors
The Benefits of CEO Succession Planning Schepker, Nyberg, Ulrich, Wright (2018) Succession, Boards of directors, CEOs, Individual performance succession, boards of directors, ceos, individual performance
Outside CEOs and Declines in R&D Productivity Cummings, Knott (2018) Outside CEOs, CEOs, Research and development, Innovation, Incentives outside ceos, ceos, research and development, innovation, incentives
Human Capital Matters Riley, Michael, Mahooney (2017) Training and development, Firm performance, Human resource management training and development, firm performance, human resource management
Prosperous Economic Conditions Can Lead to Problematic CEO Behavior Bianchi, Mohliver (2016) CEOs, Behaviors, Economic conditions, Stock option backdating ceos, behaviors, economic conditions, stock option backdating
Ex-Military CEOs: Leaders with Integrity Kock-Bayram, Wernicke (2018) Misconduct, Behaviors, CEOs, Military, Boards of directors misconduct, behaviors, ceos, military, boards of directors
Founder CEO Succession Lee, Yoon, Boivie (2018) CEOs, Boards of directors, Founders, Succession, Tenure ceos, boards of directors, founders, succession, tenure



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