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CHRO Interview Directory

Name  Title and Company Video Guide [pdf] Topics Covered Year Keywords
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Kevin Cox Chief Human Resources Officer, American Express guide_cox_amex Business Strategy, Role of HR, Talent Management, Executive Succession, Benefits, Board leadership 2018 kevin, cox, american express, strategy, role of hr, talent management, executive succession, benefits, board leadership
Dan Smith Senior Vice President and Administration, Owens Corning


Business Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Role of HR, Data Analytics, Talent Development, Talent Management, Executive Succession

2018 dan, smith, owens corning, strategy, mergers, acquisitions, data analytics, talent, executive succession
Donna Morris Executive Vice President, Customer and Employee Experience, Adobe


Evolution of HR, Talent Acquisition

donna, morris, adobe, talent, challenges, new capabilities, learning agility, evolution of hr, philosophy, talent acquisition

Lucien Alziari 
(Part 1)

(Part 2)

Head of Maersk Group HR guide_alziari_maersk (Part 1) Business Strategy, Talent Acquisition, Role of HR, (Part 2) Internationalization, Executive Succession 2016 lucien, alziari, maersk, prudential, business strategy, talent acquisition, role of hr, culture, internationalization, succession

Heidi Capozzi

Senior Vice President, HR, Boeing  guide_capozzi_boeing Culture, Talent Acquisition, Role of HR 2017  heidi, capozzi, boeing, talent acquisition, agility, speed, culture, capabilities, acumen, organization effectiveness, STEM, role of hr

Melissa Cee

Chief Human Resources Officer, TIAA Global Asset Management guide_cee_tiaa Business Strategy, Talent Management, Role of HR 2016 melissa, cee, TIAA, business strategy, talent management, competencies, role of hr

David Loeser

Senior Vice President of World Wide Human Resources, Unisys guide_loeser_unisys Business Strategy, Evolution of HR, Role of HR 2017 david, loeser, unisys, strategic challenges, opportunities, business strategy, performance, evolution of hr, role of hr

Dermot O'Brien

Chief Human Resources Officer, ADP

guide_obrien_adp Evolution of HR, Talent Acquisition, Executive Succession  2016 dermot, o'brien, adp, chief transformation officer, evolution of hr, talent acquisition, inclusivity, succession

Susan Peters

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, General Electric

guide_peters_ge Culture, Talent Management, Executive Succession, Role of HR 2017 susan, peters, ge, general electric, challenges, culture, skills training, stretch, coaching, talent management, executive succession, role of hr

Tim Richmond

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, AbbVie

guide_richmond_abbvie Business Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Culture 2017 tim, richmond, abbvie, business strategy, challenges, health care, innovation, patient-centric, talent, high standards, rewards, culture, m&a, mergers

Melanie Steinbach

Chief Human Resources Officer, Milliken

guide_steinbach_milliken Business Strategy, Evolution of HR, Executive Succession 2016 melanie, steinbach, milliken, mcdonalds, business strategy, acumen, metrics-based, evolution of hr, executive succession

Kevin Walling

Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, The Hershey Company

guide_walling_hershey Business Strategy, Data Analytics, Executive Succession 2016 kevin, walling, hershey, strategy, business strategy, data analytics, consultancy, succession planning, board, succession 

Scott Weisberg

Chief People Officer, Wendy's

guide_weisberg_wendys Role of HR, Business Strategy, Talent Acquisition 2017 scott, weisberg, wendy's, function leader, confidante, advisor, board, ceo, role of hr, business strategy, talent acquisition

Jerrold Williams (Part 1)

(Part 2)

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Daymon Worldwide

guide_williams_daymon (Part 1) Culture, Talent Management, (Part 2) Business Strategy, Evolution of HR, Executive Succession 2016 jerrold, williams, daymon, philosophy, transparency, transparent, culture, talent management, failure, attitude, metrics, social media, business strategy, evolution of hr, succession

Ellyn Shook

Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer, Accenture

guide_shook_accenture Business Strategy, Talent Acquisition, Diversity & Inclusion 2017 ellyn, ellen, shook, accenture, talent, talent management, diversity, diversity and inclusion, millennials, challenges, business strategy, talent acquisition

Tracy Keogh

Chief Human Resources Officer, HP Inc.

guide_keogh_hp Business Strategy, Talent Acquisition, Role of HR 2017 tracy, keogh, hp, change, strategic challenges, competencies, hr, field, communication, chro, chro role, leadership team, business strategy, talent acquisition, role of hr

Caroline Mandeville

Chief Human Resources Officer, Nuveen

guide_mandeville_nuveen Data Analytics, Talent Acquisition, Culture, Mergers & Acquisitions, Diversity & Inclusion 2018 caroline, mandeville, nuveen, daily challenges, ai, change management, financial services, culture, acquisitions, core values, d&i, diversity and inclusion, data analytics, talent acquisition, m&a, mergers, d&i, diversity

Mirian Graddick-Weir 
(Part 1)

(Part 2)

Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Merck 

guide_graddick_weir_merck (Part 1) Diversity & Inclusion, Social Responsibility (Part 2) Performance Management, Data Analytics, Executive Succession 2018 mirian, miriam, graddick-weir, merck, d&i, diversity and inclusion, social responsibility, performance management, research, data analytics, succession

Jose Tomas

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Anthem, Inc.

guide_tomas_anthem Evolution of HR, Mergers & Acquisitions, Culture, Executive Succession 2016 jose, tomas, anthem, general motors, gm, human capital, strategy, nature, competencies, acumen, m&a, mergers and acquisitions, succession, culture, evolution of hr

Chrisitine Pambianchi

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Corning, Inc.

guide_pambianchi_corning Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Internationalization 2018 christine, christy, pambianchi, corning, diversity & inclusion, parity, equal pay, challenges, internationalization, culture, trust, feedback, philosophy, mistakes

Lisa Buckingham

Executive Vice President and Chief People, Place & Brand Officer, Lincoln Financial Group

guide_buckingham_lincolnfinancial Strategy and HR, Competencies, Workforce Analytics, HR in the Finance Industry 2018 lisa, buckingham, lincoln, financial strategy, competencies, analytics, finance industry, mobility, digitalization

Tim Hourigan

Executive Vice President, Human Resources, The Home Depot

 guide_hourigan_homedepot Business strategy, Leadership, Culture, Diversity, Board of Directors 2018 tim, hourigan, home depot, business strategy, leadership, roles, culture, diversity, board of directors, bod

Jim Duffy

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, CIT Group, Inc.

guide_duffy_cit Business strategy, Talent and Business Success, Talent Development, Culture, HR in the Finance Industry 2018 jim, duffy, cit, business strategy, talent, culture, finance industry
John Murabito

Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Services, Cigna Corporation

guide_murabito_cigna  Health care Industry trends, Career advice for HR students, Mergers & Acquisitions, Culture, Board of Directors, Executive Succession 2018  john, murabito, cigna, health care, advice, mergers, m&a, culture, board of directors, bod, succession 
Craig Haydamack

Senior Vice President, HR, Milliken & Co.

guide_haydamack_milliken Business Strategy, Role of HR, Talent Development, Data Analytics 2018 craig, haydamack, milliken, strategy, role of hr, talent, competencies, analytics

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