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Darla Moore School of Business

Research and Resources

The Moore School created the Center for Executive Succession to leverage the world-class faculty research capability and a unique corporate/academic partnership to provide cutting-edge research in the issues, challenges and best practices regarding C-suite succession.

Current Research Projects


CEO Transition: Challenges and Learnings from the First Year

Patrick M. Wright, Professor
Anthony Nyberg, Professor
Donald J. Schepker, Assistant Professor

This study focuses on a CEO's first year in the role as a follow up to our research on the board's perspective of successful CEO succession. For this on-going research, we interview CEOs about the challenges they faced and what they found most helpful during their first year. If you are a new CEO or know a new CEO who would like to be part of the interview process, please contact us at

2019 HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers 

This year's HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers explores aspects of board assessment practices, building and onboarding executive leadership team members (ELT) and corporate culture.

2018 HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers 

The CES research team has developed 3 new reports from the 2018 HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers:

The Chief Human Resources Officer: Exploring the Counselor, Confidante, and Coach Role

This report tracked how CHROs spend their time in 7 main roles and this year’s results indicate a few minor changes, mainly more time spent with boards of directors. Also, “culture” rose to the second most popular item on the CHRO’s agenda. The report also dives deeper into how CHROs are currently coaching the ELT and helping the CEO to make better decisions. Examples are quoted from participants.

The CHRO and the Board: Results of the 2018 HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers

This report examines the current state of how CHROs interface with the Board of Directorsfor executive compensation and succession issues, with considerable interactions spent with the Compensation Committee. Results also indicate that CHROs meet with the Nominating Committee as well as with individual directors.

The Impact of CEO and Board HR Expertise: Results of the 2018 HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers

Results indicate that experience in human resources is rare among directors and CEOs; however, CHROs reported CEOs often have good expertise of the organization’s HR policies and practices. Further, both board members and CEOs have at least some appreciation for what HR can do to help the organization. This report delves ino CEO and board HR experience, and their relationship to a number of reputational ranking lists such as “Best Companies to Work For.” 

Please contact if interested in participating in our research.

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