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Communications and Public Affairs

Graphic Design Style Guide

Follow our style guidelines to produce consistent, professional-looking materials that are in sync with the university’s brand.

A Refreshed Approach for a Historic Identity
The university's refreshed brand platform will begin to be rolled out in the spring of 2019. Big updates in message development, visual identity, brand tools and more are currently in production and will come online in the toolbox throughout the semester.

Bring the brand to your design project with our style guidelines. Plan and execute communications such as advertising, brochures, posters, websites and presentations to ensure projects reflect and reinforce the university brand.

The coordinated use of our university logo, along with a consistent typographic style, allows our campuses, colleges, schools and departments to represent themselves within the larger university. Our established garnet and black color scheme distinguishes us from other universities and includes a secondary accent palette for a vibrant range of color choices. A defined photo style allows us to tell our story through images that capture our unique personality. In combination, these design elements are the foundation of our visual identity.