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Communications and Public Affairs

Type and Treatments

Official fonts are a design thread in our many communications.

Consistent typography provides visual unity to our messages. Gotham, Archer and Adobe Garamond are the three font families that we use in our communications. Web equivalents will carry the style through in electronic presentations.

Gotham, the primary font, includes a family of weights that make it ideal for use in headlines, subheads, callouts, captions and emphasis within text. The Gotham family is used extensively in the publication templates.

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Archer, a secondary font, offers an informal, casual feel and reflects our welcoming personality. Archer is best used at larger point sizes in headlines, subheads and callouts.

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Adobe Garamond Pro is primarily used for body copy. The classic serif font offers easy readability and reflects our genuine character.

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Adobe Garamond is commonly packaged with Creative Suite. The university has negotiated a bulk purchase price for the Gotham and Archer fonts. Font licenses are available for University of South Carolina employees who are directly involved in the creation of marketing and communication materials. For additional details, contact us.

Pro Tip

Making Substitutions

If an official university font is not available, the fonts Arial, Arial Bold and Arial Black may be substituted for the Gotham family. Times and Times Bold may be substituted for Adobe Garamond Pro in body copy.


Typeset Treatments

Rather than create an identical sea of logos with unit names joined with the university logo, campus units, programs and initiatives can represent themselves in type. Developing a prominent typeset treatment provides recognition, supports the visual identity, works with the template system and supports the university brand.

Typeset treatments will be especially helpful on specialty items that are too small to accommodate the university logo and banners that are too large to be carried by a logo only.

View the gallery to see examples of how contrasting weights are used in the visual identity. If you have questions, contact us for guidance.