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Digital Accessibility

Live Streaming Captions

Always include live streaming captions for classes, meetings, events and other circumstances where you will be sharing content with your audience via live video. 

Captions in Real Time

Several platforms offer automated and professional captioning for live video. Depending on the way these captions are created, their accuracy can vary but will always be better than no captions at all.

Suggested Live Automated Captioning Software Options

The following software products are examples of those compatible with automated live captioning services. You should give instructions at the start of any live video so users know how to turn on captions.

Translation Services

Some of these services also offer translated captions. 


Keep in mind that auto-generated captions may not be fully accurate. If you're looking for excellent captioning accuracy, you will need to consider hiring a professional captioning service.


Paid Captioning Services 

Suggestions for outside captioning help if you have too many videos or too little time to caption them. 

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