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National Fellowships and Scholar Programs

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National Fellowships

Our ultimate goal is to see you awarded prestigious fellowships and scholarships. Yet the preparation process, in and of itself, enhances academic and personal skills.

Why Apply?

Students who engage in the process of applying for a fellowship gain:

  • a better sense of their professional interests, strengths and talents, career goals and graduate school options.
  • stronger interpersonal skills and interview techniques.
  • experience and maturity in presenting and defending ideas in writing and before panels of reviewers.
  • improved ability in preparing applications for competitive positions.
  • individual guidance from faculty and recognition from UofSC for outstanding efforts and accomplishments.
  • greater relationships with faculty members.
  • involvement in research activities.

We Help You Compete

Our advising services are devoted to all high-achieving, academically talented students who show commitment to their studies and to the greater good of society. This includes current undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent UofSC alumni.

We can offer you advice targeting specific national competitions, connect you with faculty mentors, and provide assistance through essay review, reflective conversations, and interview practiceFind a competition.

Develop a Competitive Profile

It is never too soon to begin taking steps to develop an eye-catching profile. Attending a workshop, talking with a Fellowships Peer Mentor, meeting some of our faculty advisors, and meeting with a National Fellowships Advisor are important elements of the process. Here are some suggested practices to start you off in the right direction:

  • Develop relationships with faculty members. Get to know them outside of class and make good use of their office hours. They will be the ones writing your letters of recommendation. The better they know you, the better their recommendation.
  • Participate in meaningful co-curricular activities. Sustained involvement with a couple of activities is more impressive than a long list of things with which you are only tangentially involved.
  • Maintain a high grade point average.
  • Enter writing and essay contests.
  • Participate in summer learning experiences.
  • Practice speaking in front of groups.
  • Stay current. Read newspapers and news magazines such as US News & World Report, The New York Times Sunday Edition (especially Living Arts), National Review, The Nation and Newsweek.

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