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National Fellowships and Scholar Programs

Carolina Scholars

Annie Wang

Carolyn Holderman Carolina Scholar 
James F. Byrnes High School
Duncan, South Carolina  
International Business and Operations and Supply Chain  

My time at UofSC really highlighted the importance of growing outside of my comfort zone. From being cold-called in class to studying abroad across the world, the personal and professional growth I’ve experienced has truly been invaluable.  

Impactful experience: 
One of my most impactful experiences at UofSC was having the opportunity to lead the International Student Association, an organization focused on cross-cultural communication and understanding. I had the privilege of leading a team of highly motivated students to help others learn about different cultures and bridge cultural gaps through events and meetings. My time leading the organization culminated in World Night, an event where around 500 students and members of the community came together to celebrate cultural diversity through food, crafts, and performances. After the event, I received feedback from attendees saying that the event made them feel seen and welcomed, and that they felt the event was eye opening. The small difference I was able to make, especially in a world that can be so divided, was really impactful for me.  

Enjoy most as a TS:
My favorite part of being a Top Scholar has been the freedom to explore my interests without being financially burdened. Coming into college, there were so many different organizations I wanted to be involved in and academic fields I wanted to explore. Being a Top Scholar granted me the privilege of taking classes in a variety of fields—marketing, international business, Chinese, psychology, and more—while getting involved in student organizations and not needing to worry about how I would pay for my schooling.  
Along with the financial benefit, of course, is the amazing Scholar Community. I met one of my best friends at the Top Scholar Orientation in my first week at UofSC. The community of hardworking students that surrounded me were both inspiring and motivating, and the support that the NFSP staff provided was very helpful. The Top Scholar program allowed me to kick off my undergraduate career to a great start and gave me continued support throughout my four years at UofSC, for which I am so thankful. 

As I reflect on my time at UofSC, I remember the opportunities that the university gave me to learn, to lead, and to laugh. During my time within the classroom, I had the privilege of learning a vast pool of knowledge from passionate professors. Beyond the classroom, I led dedicated teams in student organizations and facilitated cross-cultural communication and understanding. Most importantly, throughout all of these experiences, I was able to share so many laughs with the brilliant community of students I met. Though my time at UofSC is coming to an end, the experiences I’ve had, the knowledge I’ve gained, and the memories I’ve made will last a lifetime. Forever to Thee. 

Post-graduate plans: 
After graduation, Annie will join Newell Brands in their Supply Chain Management Development Program. With this full-time program, she will rotate roles in the supply chain field across the country.  

Career goals/professional aspirations: 
I hope to be a transformational leader in the supply chain industry, promoting both female empowerment and diversity in the workplace, while finding efficient solutions to pressing supply chain issues.  

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.