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Stamps Scholars

Grace Cooney

St. Joseph’s Catholic School
Simpsonville, SC
Public Health 

My first morning working in the maternity ward of a Moroccan clinic, a nurse gave me a brief tour in a mix of French, which I speak, and the local Arabic dialect, which I don't. With my comprehension at a solid 50 percent, she pushed through double doors and suddenly we were in an operating room. The surgeon turned toward us holding a screaming newborn delivered by C-section. The nurse gestured at me, indicating I should take the baby. I held her, before even her mother, and gave the baby her first bath. Later, I found out her name is Amal, which means hope in Arabic. Long story short, sometimes you're thrust into situations and the only thing you can do is grab the baby.

Future plans: Grace received the Rotary Global Grant allowing her to pursue a master's degree in migration, culture and global health at Queen Mary University in London, England, next year.

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