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National Fellowships and Scholar Programs

1801 Scholars

Nathaniel Boen

Southside High School
Greenville, SC
Finance, Operations and Supply Chain and Economics

While I don't know exactly where I want to go, when I get there, it will be because UofSC has taught me how. UofSC helped me grow up. It taught me how, unlike in the past, life isn't handed to you. Jobs don’t fall in your lap, dreams just don’t happen, homework doesn't turn itself in and tests don't teach themselves the night before. You have to work for things; you have to make things happen. I've learned to ask for help, reach out, expand my comfort zone and take risks. Thankfully, I've had some of the most dedicated professors teach and guide me in making my dreams and goals happen. For that, I'll always be grateful. Forever to thee.

Future plans: Nathaniel has accepted a position with Wells Fargo in Charlotte, North Carolina, either as an analyst in the Corporate/Investment Banking or Wealth and Investment Management divisions.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.