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College of Information and Communications

  • Carson Mason

Alumni Spotlight: Carson Mason

October 27, 2020

Your resume is filled with internships, jobs and volunteer positions in sports.  How did you get so interested in athletics?
I grew up a big sports fan and started watching the NFL with my dad in elementary school. In high school, I realized the career potential in the sports industry and set my sights on getting as much experience as possible when I arrived at South Carolina. 

Why did you choose public relations as your major?
I chose PR because I am passionate about communicating and writing. To work in social media, you must have a strong writing and editing background. I was able to hone my writing skills in my PR classes. The PR major also offered several digital communications and social media classes, which helped me learn more about content planning, analytics and managing a digital community.

How did the major prepare you to excel in your career?
The major prepared me to excel in my career by offering a variety of classes in different areas. All of the professors I had in the PR major were helpful in providing feedback on my classwork and offering advice on navigating the industry.  

What do you do now?
My current role is social media producer for the Atlanta Falcons. I help ideate, create and publish social media content for the Falcons’ official Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube accounts. My role also heavily involves measuring analytics. After each game, our digital team reflects on the posts that were successful and the trends that led to that success.

What’s the most interesting or significant thing you’ve done since graduating?
My first full-time role after graduating from South Carolina was digital content coordinator for the Milwaukee Bucks. While I was with the Bucks, I had the opportunity to work the NBA Eastern Conference Finals and the 2020 NBA All-Star Game in Chicago.

What excites you most in your job?
I am most passionate about connecting fans to the team through social media. The best feeling is when you can make a fan’s day by replying to them from the team account or surprising them with a giveaway. Our goal is to create an emotional connection with the Falcons' fan base via social media.

You are excellent at social media!  Is there one tweet or post that you were particularly pleased with? Tell me about it and why you are proud of it. 
The Falcons’ schedule release Vine thread was a moment I was proud of. I had the idea of representing our 2020 schedule as popular Vines and the response was better than I could have imagined. It showed how much people miss the social media platform Vine and could relate to the nostalgic humor.

What did you learn while in school at the CIC that still resonates today?
At the CIC, I learned about the importance of having a versatile skillset. We were pushed to learn as many skills as possible from writing to video editing and graphic design. It has certainly helped me in my current role, as sometimes I have to help create a graphic or edit a video. 

Do you have a favorite professor or a favorite memory from your time at the CIC? 
Yes, I loved all of my professors at the CIC. My favorite was Dr. Kevin Hull. I worked with him to help start the National Sports Media Association South Carolina student chapter. I also enjoyed his sports media and journalism 101 classes. What I liked about Dr. Hull’s classes is how he related his real-world experiences as a sports anchor to the material we studied. He was honest about the industry and always willing to help his students. 

Any advice for college students who want to prepare for a career in PR? 
My advice is to get as much experience outside of the classroom as possible and take advantage of the resources around you. The CIC had several networking events, like the Mentor Match program, that I participated in. Get involved in different organizations, like student media or PRSSA, to hone your skills and meet professionals in the industry. 

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