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Communications and Public Affairs

Writing Style Guide

Get your writing questions answered, or learn about reliable sources where you can seek answers.

A Refreshed Approach for a Historic Identity
The university's refreshed brand platform will begin to be rolled out in the spring of 2019. Big updates in message development, visual identity, brand tools and more are currently in production and will come online in the toolbox throughout the semester.

The University of South Carolina has a distinctive voice and tone that is defined by our established brand platform. Whether communicating through a TV spot or a webpage, our voice is clear, confident and genuine.

Once you know what you’re going to say, we have specific style rules and guidelines we use to say it. The university follows AP Style and Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary with just a few exceptions.


No Limits Storytelling

Our No Limits brand campaign honors the individuals who work, study, teach and graduate from our university. Every No Limits story is a unique, personal journey that is poignant, confident and genuine. No Limits showcases vibrant, conversational writing for readers to embrace. Our stories use strong openings, vivid imagery, personal appeal and simple narratives. Just as important, they are devoid of complex jargon and complicated statistics.

As a Gamecock, my (fill in the blank) has No Limits” is the university’s brand statement or tag line. Each statement is a promise from the university to those we serve every day. It’s a pledge crafted to show our dedication to South Carolina, the nation and the world. Flexible, the statement can be written to represent an individual, groups of people or the entire institution.


  • As a Gamecock, my compassion has No Limits.
  • As Gamecocks, our dedication has No Limits.
  • As a Gamecock, my resilience has No Limits.
  • As Gamecocks, our imagination has No Limits.