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National Fellowships and Scholar Programs

Tips for Writing Donor Thank You Notes

Important Reminders:

• Put the date on your note or letter, at the top on the right.

• Address your donors by their last name, such as “Dear Mr. Wilson…”

• Include your full name and the name of your scholarship in your note.

• Do not seal the note. A copy will made and it will be documented that you completed this requirement of your scholarship.

Handwrite your note or letter:

In the age of e-mail, our donors really appreciate a nice, handwritten note from you. (Hint - Some students like to write a draft and then copy it neatly to the thank you card.)

Tell them a little bit about yourself: your campus or community involvement, your academic major and career plans, hobbies – anything to give them a colorful picture of who you are. They love hearing about your accomplishments, too! Remember, they do enjoy hearing from you, even if you are unable to meet them at an event.

You are representing the scholarship and University in your communication: it goes without saying, but simply be appropriate, and don’t forget to say “thank you.” Think about how grateful you are that you are not saddled with student debt.

If your signature is difficult to read, please legibly print your name beneath it, and put the name of your scholarship under your signature on each note you send them. There is no need to put the donor’s name on the envelope – staff will handle.

Dropping Off Notes:

You may drop your note off in DeSaussure: to the the box on the first floor or the Scholar Programs Office, third floor.

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