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Darla Moore School of Business

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Ph.D. Programs

The Darla Moore School of Business currently offers two doctoral degree programs: the Ph.D. in Economics and the Ph.D. in Business Administration.

Doctoral Programs Objectives

Both doctoral degree programs are designed to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Develop the skills, professional ethics and competence required to design, execute and evaluate creative and meaningful research in the student’s field of specialization
  • Provide a thorough knowledge and deep insight into the main theoretical disciplines underlying the student’s fields of specialization built upon a basic understanding of business and its environment
  • Promote individual programs of study that encourage students to customize their research, teaching interests and expertise, thereby better preparing them for successful roles as researchers, educators, business people and policy makers

Residency Requirement

Ph.D. programs at the Moore School are full-time, and require residency on the Columbia campus. The intent of a residency requirement is to ensure that doctoral students benefit from and contribute to the full spectrum of educational and professional opportunities provided by our graduate faculty.

When establishing residency, students should interact with faculty and peers by regularly attending courses, conferences and seminars and using the library and other resources that support excellence in graduate education.

Programs and Concentrations

The Moore School currently offers two doctoral degree programs: the Ph.D. in Economics and Ph.D. in Business Administration.

The Ph.D. in Economics is offered by the Department of Economics. The Ph.D. in Business Administration is offered in various concentrations from different academic departments. 

The Department of Economics at the Moore School has a well-established doctoral program featuring a comprehensive yet flexible curriculum. Graduates have been placed in leading academic institutions, prominent corporations and numerous governmental agencies.

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The School of Accounting in the Moore School has established a national reputation for academic research. Doctoral students are able to investigate financial accounting, managerial accounting, taxation, auditing and information systems topics using this new and promising research approach.

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The Department of Finance at the Moore School is composed of outstanding teachers and researchers whose interests include such areas as bank management, corporate restructuring, investment management, risk management, employee benefits and real estate finance. The finance concentration provides an advanced, integrated education in business administration with intensive training in research methods and theory applicable to finance problems.

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Housed in the Sonoco Department of International Business, the objective of this concentration is to prepare students for academic careers. Students often select cognate course work in areas such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, international studies and management. Students are encouraged to use the cognate to develop a program of study that establishes a strong multidisciplinary foundation supporting their functional specialization and individual research interests.

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Housed within the Sonoco Department of International Business, this program equips students who have strong interests in international finance with the skills to become leading scholars in this field. Students are encouraged to pursue research topics applying core finance concepts to the international arena. This program also encourages interdisciplinary research with a focus on global finance. 

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Housed in the Department of Marketing, doctoral students in this concentration choose one of two specializations:

  1. Consumer Behavior, or

  2. Quantitative Marketing 

Working closely with faculty who are experts in the subject matter, doctoral students will receive specialized training in research methodology and critical thinking skills. The hallmark of the program is the substantial one-on-one mentoring provided by the marketing faculty. Faculty mentors are well-versed in the latest academic literature and theories in marketing and related subjects (e.g., psychology, sociology, economics, quantitative analysis, etc.). Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared for active academic research careers in their chosen area of specialization.

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The Department of Management designed this program to produce scholars who conduct high-level theoretical and empirical research and teach at major research institutions. The program of study consists of small seminar classes, individual faculty attention, and research mentoring relationships between students and faculty who are engaged in leading-edge research.

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Housed in the Department of Management Science, this program prepares students for careers in university teaching and research. The focus of the concentration includes the design, planning, organization and control of activities involved in the transformation of resources into goods and services. At a more strategic level, the focus is on matching supply with demand. Our program specializes in research that builds on academic theory and is relevant to practice. 

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