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The Office of the Vice President for Research Awards 2019-2020 SPARC Grants to 57 Graduate Students

Office of the Vice President for Research | January 30, 2020

The Office of the Vice President for Research is pleased to announce the 2019-2020 round of SPARC grants to a new class of graduate students. Through SPARC, or Support to Promote Advancement of Research and Creativity, graduate students compete for internal funding of up to $5,000 to fund their research, creative and scholarly projects.

By applying for SPARC, graduate students have a unique opportunity to both gain financial support for their scholarly projects and grow their experience in developing competitive grant proposals. Students who apply for SPARC prepare detailed budgets, write a narrative description detailing their plans and research methodology, compile supporting documentation and seek the support of their faculty advisors. By design, this process is very similar to many of the steps current graduate students will take later in their careers, when applying for funding, giving them an edge on the competition.

This year, we are excited to congratulate 57 students from 10 different academic units who have been awarded SPARC grants for 2019-2020. These SPARC recipients, listed below, will use their SPARC funds to engage in research and scholarly projects over a 15-month period beginning this May.

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2019-2020 SPARC Graduate Research Grant Recipients

Recipient Name Department or Program Proposal Title
Kathleen Arrasmith Music An Investigation of Portuguese Children’s Music Experiences and Music Responses during Music Learning Theory-based, Early Childhood Music Development Sessions
Louis Berrios Biological Sciences Investigating the genetic factors required for Caulobacter-mediated plant growth enhancement
Conner Black School Psychology Biological Mechanisms Related to Social Anxiety in Young Children with Fragile X Syndrome
Mia Brantley Sociology "Before the world gets them": The impact of children's experiences of racism on black maternal health
Joshua Bratsch-Prince Biomedical Sciences Cholinergic gating of theta oscillations and plasticity in the prelimbic cortex-basolateral amygdala fear circuit
Emily Brennan Anthropology Histories of Stress: A Life Course Approach to Population Health in Medieval Germany
Archie Crowley Linguistics Program Language Ideologies and Linguistic Activism in the Transgender Community
Allison Culver Biological Sciences Elucidating the role Fgf8 and Fgf10 in the development of human pituitary progenitors
Brittany Davis Social Work Community Land Trusts: Inclusion and Maintaining a Sense of Community
Eleanor Davis Geography Small Businesses and Community Resilience: Adaptation, Mitigation, and Planning in the Face of Flooding
Jennifer Erichsen Biomedical Sciences Intranasal Insulin as a Treatment Strategy for Age-Related Cognitive Decline
Kayla Everhart Nursing A national survey to examine blood transfusion practices in early preterm infants
Roberto Flores de Apodacao History Praying Soldiers: How Continental Soldiers Experienced Religion during the Revolutionary War 1775-1783
Calvin Green Music 2020 University of South Carolina SPARC Viola Commissions Commemorating the 1919 Berkshire Music Festival Pieces for Viola
Wenyu Guo Teaching and Learning Asian American Children (Re)negotiate Bicultural Identities through the Analytic Window of Children’s Literature
Allison Ham Anthropology Sex Differentials in Frailty in Medieval Ireland
Reed Handlery Exercise Science Increasing Cardiovascular Fitness and Physical Activity in Survivors of Stroke and Their Care Partners: Cycling for Stroke
Xiaofei He Pharmaceutical Sciences The Effect of GPR68 on Leukemia Initiation
Julia Hodge Educational Psychology and Research First-Generation Students and the Imposter Phenomenon
Michael Huggins Mathematics Groups of Essential Dimension 2 Over Arithmetic Fields
Ruthanne Hughes Linguistics Program Eye hear you: Race, gender, and class ideologies in EFL pronunciation perception
Ishwor Karki Chemistry Smart Solid Phase Extraction Materials based on programmable molecularly imprinted polymers
Lynsey Keator Communication Sciences and Disorders Effects of transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) on language and cortical network coherence in post-stroke aphasia
Colby Kipp Clinical-Community Psychology A Parent-Focused, Stress Reduction Intervention to Decrease Adolescent BMI, Reduce Parent Stress, and Increase Well-Being among African American Families
Jing Li Pharmaceutical Sciences Dissecting CDK8/19-dependent Tumoral and Stromal Signaling Pathways in Castration-Refractory Prostate Cancer
Yizeng Li Statistics Regression-Supervised Multiple-Infection Group Testing
Kai Luo Mechanical Engineering Development of Phase-Change Thermal-Switches Based on Electro-Wetting Droplet Actuation
Olivia Manley Chemistry Identification of oxygenated intermediate species in dinuclear iron enzymes
Nicholas Maxwell Biomedical Sciences Leptin and serotonin’s interactions to control appetite
Paul McElhinny Comparative Literature French Intellectuals’ Imaginings of and Experiences in Modern and Contemporary China
Amir Mehrabi Health Services Policy and Management Perceived Disease Risk, Vaccine Confidence, and Parent Decision-Making Regarding Influenza Immunization: Examining Changes in Vaccination Rates Following the H1N1 Pandemic and the Withdrawal of LAIV.
Mariah Moran Social Work Where the Home Fires Burn: The Heart of Geographic Mobility in Rural Southern America
Alicia Oostdyk Health Services Policy and Management Using Pictures to Provide Patients Power Over Pain: A Novel Application of Photovoice
Krystal Rampalli Health Promotion, Education and Behavior Adolescent food choices amidst the nutrition transition in Ghana: the role of cultural values, Westernized food marketing, and body image perceptions
Lauren Reid Epidemiology  Household Food Security, Lifestyle Factors, and Glycemic control among Youth and Young Adults with Diabetes
Chelsea Richard Epidemiology Effect of Maternal Disability Status and Prescription Opioid Use Before and During Pregnancy on Small-for-Gestational Age Infants
Stephanie Riley  History “Literature is Artillery”: Ben Hanford’s and Carl Sandburg’s Rhetorical Contributions to 20th Century American Socialism
Aimee Rovane School Psychology An Ecologically Valid Assessment of Family Patterns in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Mohsin Sajjad Electrical Engineering Wearable High-Resolution Positron Emission Tomography (PET) for Brain Imaging Using Multi-Pixel CZT Detector Arrays
Stacey Sangtian Communication Sciences and Disorders Speech Error Detection and Sensorimotor Processing of Auditory Feedback in Aphasia
Percy Schuck Biological Sciences Elucidating the Binding Affinities Between CST and RPA on G-quadruplexes
Yi-Wen Shih Health Services Policy and Management Acupuncturist visits and changes in opioid use among adults with chronic non-cancer pain
Chad Simmons Biological Sciences Developmental Adipokines and their Role in Adipocyte Morphology and Stem Cell Signaling Pathways in Adult Drosophila melanogaster
Steven Sloope Chemistry A New Approach to Synthesize Fully Conjugated Single-Crystal Covalent Organic Frameworks with Semiconductor Potential
Allison Smith Exercise Science Examination of Low Energy Availability and Bone Health in Physically Active Adolescent Females
Charles Smith Exercise Science Effect of Attentional Focus Instructions on Learning a Whole-Arm Three-Dimensional Motor Sequence Task
Matthew Spencer Criminology and Criminal Justice Public Transportation and Crime
Yuhsien Sung Political Science How Do Voters Evaluate Elected Prosecutors? Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment
Malik Tahiyat Mechanical Engineering A novel approach to Non-Catalytic Reforming of Siloxane in landfill gas with Dielectric Barrier Discharge
Asia Thomas School Psychology Screening Utility of Classroom Performance Survey
Brittany Watson Biomedical Engineering Characterizing an Endothelial Cellular Response to Amyloid Proteins
Valerie Yelverton Health Services Policy and Management Understanding Perspectives on Characteristics of Shared Decision-Making of People Living with HIV in South Carolina
Hyo Jin Yoon Business Administration Policy-Induced Economic Uncertainty, Corporate Governance and Corporate Outcomes
Li Zhang Pharmaceutical Sciences Development of CDK8/19 Inhibitor Based PROTAC for Leukemia Treatment
Youwen Zhang Pharmaceutical Sciences Analyses of Transcriptomes Associated with Protein Quality Control in Endoplasmic Reticulum
Liang Zhao Computer Science  Scene Text Detection in Historical Marine Corp Videos
Xiangcheng Zheng Mathematics Analysis and applications of variable distributed-order fractional differential equations

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