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Darla Moore School of Business

Diversity and Inclusion Council members look forward to improving Moore School environment

February 13, 2017

The members of the Diversity and Inclusion Student Council share why they're passionate about increasing diversity at the Moore School.

Lisa Sanchez
Junior marketing major
“I am incredibly excited and honored to be a part of the Diversity and Inclusion Council for the Darla Moore School of Business. We really hope to develop an environment of awareness and acceptance for all minorities in the business school. I think that this council is a great stepping stone for both the business school as well as the entire university as we grow to become a more accepting community to everyone.”

David S. Burick
Master of International Business student
“Growing up both queer and Jewish in a Southern town ignited my passion for diversity and inclusion from an early age. I want to ensure that the Moore School is an inclusive and welcoming place for everyone, regardless of background or identity. In addition to the Dean's Council, I am also the president of Moore School Pride, the Moore School's LGBTQ-focused diversity and inclusion organization.”

Devon McDonald
Senior, risk management and insurance and real estate
“I joined the council in order to give a voice to people who might not usually feel they have a voice.”

Gretchen Nordhausen
Senior HR and marketing major
Spanish and Japanese minor
“To have a diverse business school is easy; all you need is to find all the different demographics. But to include everyone is a different story. We all have our own uniqueness and personal struggles, and it's constantly trying to fully understand one another that will bring us together. “

Jennifer Jasso
Professional MBA student
“My father was in the military, which afforded me the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of people in military communities and throughout my travels overseas. I joined the Diversity and Inclusion Student Council to help bring awareness to diversity issues and to help create an even more inclusive community at USC.”

Trevanti Grant
Master of Accountancy student
“I joined the council to improve the Darla Moore School of Business experience for students who come after me. My academic career will be ending in less than a year, so I wanted to use my last few months here to improve the business school. Being a student is difficult, and I feel that students should not also have to deal with a learning environment not conducive to learning while trying to gain an education. I really want every student to be able to thrive and do well here no matter what particular group they identify with.”

Sterling Robertson
Junior international business and economics major
“I currently serve as Development Director of Individuals Respecting Identities and Sexualities, the university's largest LGBTQ student organization, as well as on the board of Moore School Pride, the business school-specific LGBTQ organization. In joining the Diversity and Inclusion Council, I hope to bring awareness to some of the wants and needs of marginalized students within the Moore School. In many of my business classes, I notice a stark homogeneity of students and a lack of a diverse set of perspectives and opinions during discussions. I understand that some external factors might be contributing to the lack of representation in the classroom; however, I want to provide all of my fellow Carolinians with the same opportunities to have their voices heard as well as provide the resources that will allow them to create and shape their own experiences here at USC.”

By Madeleine Vath

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