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Darla Moore School of Business

Professional MBA alumnus uses multiple UofSC degrees to lead confidently

Oct. 25, 2018

Cedric Green (UofSC B.S. ’97, PMBA ’02, UofSC M.E. ’08, UofSC Ph.D. ‘15), Vice President of Gas Services for SCE&G and PSNC Energy


What did the Professional MBA program do for you and your career?
The program honed my business skills by teaching me how to apply accounting, finance and strategic business management to day-to-day decision-making at work.

What was your most influential experience in the program?
The most influential experience I had was networking with a diverse group of career-focused professionals. I still interact on a regular basis with professionals from other companies who went through the Professional MBA program with me.

How did the program help you succeed or prepare you for success?
The marketing and management classes I took improved my writing skills, which prepared me for the technical writing required for my doctoral degree and, ultimately, my job now as a vice president at SCE&G and PSNC Energy.

How do you use your degree day-to-day in your job now?
I’m applying the financial and managerial accounting and finance in my current role while managing operations and maintenance expenses, capital expenditures and cash flows in a heavily regulated environment. With pressure like that, there’s very little room for error, so I’m glad I can have confidence in the knowledge I gained through the Professional MBA program.

What was the most valuable thing you learned through the program?
One of my goals was to improve my presentation skills to help me to lead confidently, both as a manager and as a presenter. By the end of the program, my presentation skills had been vastly improved. The program also gave me the opportunity to improve my study skills. As a result, I studied for and passed the Licensed Professional Engineer exam shortly after graduating from the Professional MBA program. The Professional Engineer license in South Carolina is very important in the engineering profession from a credibility and accountability standpoint.

You have several family members who also came to UofSC. How did that impact your decision to study at UofSC and ultimately come to the Moore School?
My mother and five sisters graduated from UofSC. My wife is a basketball letterman and graduate. My parents instilled the importance of higher education to include graduate school in my siblings and me. My family is a product of the Midlands region, and we’re striving to make an impact in our community. We believe in investing in the public schools — K through 12 and higher education. The University of South Carolina offers top-notch programs and clearly graduates top-notch citizens.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention?
To date, my immediate family (parents, siblings, wife) and I have the following numbers of degrees from UofSC: eight bachelor’s degrees, eight master’s degrees, one J.D. degree and two doctorates.

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