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Darla Moore School of Business

Moore School offering Cybersecurity Management Graduate Certificate

The Moore School is offering a Cybersecurity Management Graduate Certificate designed to meet the growing demand for leaders who understand and manage cybersecurity and information assurance professionals.

The need for the Cybersecurity Management Certificate is evident with organizations’ growing concerns surrounding cyberattacks like those that recently struck the oil pipeline and meat industry.

“The Moore School prepares students for real-world problems they may encounter, and understanding cyber risk, enhancing cybersecurity and knowing how to prevent digital security breaches are among the top problems now facing organizations,” said Dean Peter Brews. “It is said there are two types of organizations operating today, those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked. Our new cybersecurity certificate will provide tomorrow’s leaders with the knowledge and insight needed at the managerial level to mitigate cyber risk and prevent cyber intrusions so that a third type of organization emerges: those that are never hacked.”

Students will learn key terminology, frameworks and management practices associated with information assurance as well as management techniques and best practices for Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and managers at any level of an organization. Students will also learn how to create and manage cybersecurity.

“Every aspect of business has to be involved in cybersecurity. The certificate will teach managing the cybersecurity process and how to manage the people who oversee the technical side,” said Daniel Ostergaard, international business professor who will be managing the certificate. “Students in the program will look at the aspects of national security, economic espionage, national standards. One of the big questions students will learn to address in the courses is ‘how do you know when your cybersecurity is enough?’ They will quantify the risk from a business perspective and rationalize the decisions they have to make as a leader in an organization — learning to balance resources of the firm to adequately defend themselves but not chase ghosts.”

Course curriculum draws from programming in both international business and risk management, which provides students with a global approach to cybersecurity management. To satisfy the requirements for the certificate, current Professional MBA students must complete 12 credit hours beyond typical core coursework. Working professionals not currently enrolled in the Moore School’s graduate programs or already attending USC can also pursue the certificate.

Learn more about the Cybersecurity Management Certificate.

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