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Darla Moore School of Business

  • Image of Diego Suarez Salazar and his wife, Sarah Jane Dietz, in Florence, Italy

Learning to navigate complex international markets

IMBA candidate and dual U.S. and Mexico citizen “developing vital skills” to someday lead a global organization that seeks to serve others

International MBA candidate Diego Suarez Salazar strives to build on his experience supporting historically underserved youth in Washington, D.C., to one day serve in a leadership position at a global organization that invests in its community.

Before starting the IMBA program, Suarez Salazar worked in the nonprofit sector, specifically with Communities in Schools (CIS), the largest dropout prevention organization in the country. His day-to-day duties included offering educational aid, addressing basic needs and providing various services to empower students to overcome challenges and fulfill their potential.

Within the classroom, Suarez Salazar built his international education foundation at Georgetown University and his public administration studies at George Washington University.

In 2023, Suarez Salazar decided to pursue his IMBA at the Moore School because of his wife's positive experience as an alumna of the Moore School and “the added appeal of attending the country's No. 1 International MBA,” Suarez Salazar says.

Aiming to secure a role that integrates his international interests, Suarez Salazar is choosing to obtain his IMBA with a concentration in finance and business analytics.

“Through the IMBA program, I am constantly developing a variety of vital skills,” Suarez Salazar says. “I am enhancing my communication and leadership abilities through collaborative projects and team engagements, while I gain valuable technical expertise through my coursework in data analysis and financial management. The program's focus on strategic thinking and problem solving is sharpening my analytical skills, and real-world simulations are refining my negotiation skills.”

Looking forward, Suarez Salazar eagerly anticipates the chance to explore educational opportunities in either Europe or Asia.

“The prospect of studying in these culturally rich regions excites me, and I am optimistic about continuing to develop my global perspective through embracing diverse learning environments,” says Suarez Salazar.

He shares an aspiration for exploring diverse cultures and broadening his horizons with his wife and Moore School alumna, Sarah Jane Dietz, ’15 accounting ‘16 MACC, who Suarez Salazar says has been the biggest supporter behind his pursuit of higher education and in his aspirations of seeking global-leadership roles. 

Suarez Salazar also attributes his continuing growth in the IMBA program to the rich alumni network within the Moore School.

“The unwavering support and invaluable guidance, shared experiences and mentorship IMBA students receive from the alumni network have profoundly enriched our learning experience,” he said. “This support not only reinforces a sense of community but also exemplifies the strong bond among Moore School graduates.”

Reflecting on his time thus far in the IMBA program at the Moore School, Suarez Salazar offers some advice to fellow IMBA prospective students.

“My advice to anyone balancing the program with a family is to always communicate to your peers, professors and family what your priorities are so they can best support you — the program is rigorous, but we all do better when we lean on each other for help,” Suarez Salazar says.

The intensive program and course curriculum has allowed Suarez Salazar to gain hands-on experience for his future global business career.

“The IMBA's focus on international business practices aligns perfectly with my passion for global affairs, equipping me to navigate complex international markets and contribute effectively to the global business landscape,” Suarez Salazar says. “It’s a testament to the university’s commitment to fostering lasting connections and ensuring the success of its students, making the journey toward an IMBA at the Moore School truly exceptional.”

-Peyton Palazzo

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