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College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management

HRSM Opportunity and Engagement Committee

The College of HRSM Opportunity and Engagement Committee is dedicated to cultivating an environment that promotes civility and respect. The College of HRSM Honors, Respects, and Supports our Multicultural community.


Kim Boone headshot

Kim Boone, Member

Director of Special Events, Department of Sport and Entertainment Management
"I hope the Committee encourages people to listen, learn and grow. Exposure to different experiences and perspectives makes people and places more successful."

Paul Graham headshot

Paul Graham, Member

Instructor, Department of Sport and Entertainment Management
“When it comes to inclusion, I feel it is truly a learning process for all.  As a part of this committee, I feel it is our part to not only help people understand that process, but to also strive for our own personal growth and development.”

Sporty Jeralds headshot

Sporty Jeralds, Ex-Officio

Senior Clinical Instructor, Department of Sport and Entertainment Management
“I hope HRSM can be a place where everyone feels recognized and respected. Where everyone feels comfortable being themselves.”

Bill Knapp headshot

Bill Knapp, Member

Instructor, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
“My thought of inclusion is a culture of open communication and active listening. I believe our responsibility to one another is to encourage individual identity and ideas to build socially sustainable, resilient communities.”

Erica Lake headshot

Erica Lake, Director, Member

Interim Assistant Dean for Opportunity and Engagement / Director of Corporate Engagement
“I hope this committee helps to create an inclusive culture in which students, faculty and staff feel like they belong, are heard and respected. I also hope we celebrate the value that those individuals from underrepresented backgrounds bring to our college.”

Susan O'Malley headshot

Susan O'Malley, Co-chair

Senior Instructor, Department of Sport and Entertainment Management
"One of my mentors said to me, 'It's a minority's job to hold the door open for other minorities.' So if I have a special niche here, it's to help our female students to get a better understanding of what it takes to succeed in leadership."

Kathy Smiling headshot

Kathy Smiling, Co-chair

Assistant Dean of Student Services
“I see inclusion as the acknowledgment of our differences and appreciation of the unique perspectives we bring to the classroom, college and USC community.”

Sandy Strick headshot

Sandy Strick, Member

Associate Professor, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
“With healthy attitudes toward inclusion many wonderful things can result. My hope is for the committee to help students, faculty and staff develop a deeper understanding  and appreciation of the value of true inclusion.”



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