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College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management

Faculty and Staff

Fang Meng, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor
Research Associate, Richardson Family SmartState Center of Economic Excellence in Tourism and Economic Development
Department: School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management
College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management
Website: The Richardson Family SmartState Center of Economic Excellence in Tourism and Economic Development
Phone: 803-777-0631
Fax: 803-777-6427
Office: Close-Hipp 614

Fang Meng Selected to Serve on WTCF Expert Committee

Fang Meng, associate professor


Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
M.S., Beijing International Studies University
B.S., Beijing International Studies University

Fang Meng is an associate professor in the School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, and a research associate in the Richardson Family SmartState Center of Economic Excellence in Tourism and Economic Development at the University of South Carolina.

Meng earned her Ph.D. in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Virginia Tech University. She held a previous academic position at Ohio University and has completed a number of research projects through external and internal funding. Meng's research work extends to both regional and international levels, including an economic impact study of leisure tourism at Southeast Ohio, Ohio tourism partnership for economic development, and the social-economic impact of the Beijing Olympic Games on the local community. After joining the University of South Carolina, Meng began working with the SmartState Center on multiple research projects, including the tourism development of the Pee Dee region, feasibility study of Aiken International Horse Park, and health and wellness tourism of South Carolina.

Before coming to the United States, Meng worked as a faculty member at the Beijing International Studies University, and had various consulting, managerial and training experience in the hospitality and tourism industry in China.

Meng's research mainly focuses on tourism destination marketing and management, tourism economic development, tourist behavior and experience, and international tourism. Meng has a strong background on both quantitative and qualitative research methods and data analysis. Her research has been published in the top-tier tourism journals such as the Journal of Travel Research, Tourism Management, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, and Tourism Analysis. She currently serves on the editorial board of Journal of Vacation Marketing, as well as more than 10 other academic journals as an ad hoc reviewer. Meng's research work has been recognized by the academic community, and she has received the Best Paper Award in International Council of Hospitality, Restaurant, and Institutional Education (2007) and Travel and Tourism Research Association (2012).


  • Destination marketing and management
  • Tourism economic development
  • Tourist behavior/experience
  • International tourism

Honors and awards

  • Fang Meng Selected to Serve on WTCF Expert Committee
  • Best Research Paper Award, the 43rd Annual Conference of the Travel and Tourism Research Association Conference (TTRA), Virginia Beach, Va., 2012
  • Best Paper Award, the 2007 International CHRIE Conference, Dallas, Texas, 2007


  • HRSM 788 – Research Method
  • HRTM 450 – Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

Selected publications

Pan, B., Woodside, A., and Meng, F. (Accepted). "Contextual cues' impacts on response and conversion rates of online surveys." Journal of Travel Research.

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