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College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management

Degree Programs

Tourism Management, B.S.

The tourism industry has a unique power to affect positive change. In addition to the industry's global impact on the economy, tourism promotes understanding and acceptance by exposing individuals to new people and places and you get to have a front row seat!

Is life about the journey or the destination? Well, why can't it be about BOTH? Through tourism, you will introduce people to new cultures, wildlife, architecture, history, music and art. Tourism can be as accessible as a museum visit in your hometown, or as exotic as discovering the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. The real question is how do you get people to come, and what will they want to do when they get there?

Tourism is promoted by cities, states and countries. There are individual attractions and comprehensive experiences, and it's up to professionals like you maintain the positive impact of tourism on the economy and on the surrounding environment.

As a tourism management major, you will begin your coursework with the fundamentals of business ⎯ accounting, economics, business law, communications and computer applications. As you dive deeper, you will learn industry-specific knowledge such as Travel and Destination Management (HRTM 381) and Tourism Festival Planning and Management (HRTM 386). In addition, two mandatory internship experiences will enhance your learning experience by providing you on-the-job training, while our team of industry professionals and world-class faculty open your eyes to a whole world of opportunities.

Undergraduate Coursework

Your coursework will include the following:

  • 127 credit hours including:
    • 51 hours of credits in the HRTM major, including internships
    • 30 hours of foundational, management-focused courses
    • 31-43 hours of Carolina Core
  • Two internships (6 hours of credit each, therefore tuition fees apply)

For more details about the degree requirements and curriculum for the Tourism Management, B.S., please visit the academic bulletin.