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All University of South Carolina system institutions will be closed through the end of the spring semester. Columbia campus virtual instruction will continue through the end of the Summer II semester (Aug 1). Details can be found on the coronavirus landing page.

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Junior Clarinet: Audition Solo 1B, Moderato

  • Crescendo into the dotted half note G in m. 2, followed by a diminuendo
  • Breath before m. 3 and keep mm. 3-4 dolce
  • Breath before m. 5 with a crescendo through the staccato 8th notes and 16th notes to the G on beat 3 of m. 6. Place a slight tenuto on the first 16th note in m. 6
  • Place a tenuto on the first 16th of m. 7 and crescendo through m. 7 to the dotted half note C in m. 8
  • Playful, short staccato in m. 5, m. 9 and 11
  • Crescendo to beat 3 in m. 9 with a slight tenuto on the first 16th on beat 2 and a slight diminuendo to the end of the measure
  • Again, slight tenuto on the first 16th of beat 1 and 3 in m. 10
  • Keep the crescendo going to the half note B on beat 3 in m. 12, then relax for two beats
  • Crescendo m. 13 to the downbeat of m. 15, followed by the written diminuendo
  • 16-17 and 18-19 should have crescendo on first measure and diminuendo on the second measure
  • Keep the crescendo going to the dotted half in m. 23 and then diminuendo that last note with a nice taper on the end of the note. Place slight tenuto on first triplet of m. 22

Moderato, “b” ending

  • Start this section more mf to allow for more direction following
  • Place a crescendo to the end of the excerpt

Clinic Clarinet: Audition Solo 2C, Allegro agitato / Andante cantabile

  • Place a crescendo through the first four measures
  • Start a dim in m. 6 and come down to a soft dynamic in m. 9, followed by the written crescendo that continues to m. 20.
  • Do two-measure cresc/dim on mm. 21-22 and 23-24. Place a slight tenuto on first triplet on m. 22
  • Crescendo from m. 25 to the downbeat of m. 28, with a slight relaxation in m. 28 along with the ritard
  • Mirror mm. 29-32 with the beginning
  • Diminuendo mm. 33-36 to mp in m. 37 and continue to end the excerpt at piano

Allegro agitato, “b” ending

  • Crescendo through the entire excerpt until the very end, which should end strongly

Senior Clarinet: Audition Solo 3B, Adagio / Allegro con spirito

  • Start the written crescendo right away and take it to the E# in m. 2
  • Breathe before m. 3 and push air through the rest in m. 4 to m. 5.
  • Don’t use RH pinky/Eb key on the high D in m. 5
  • Start a crescendo in m. 7 and make big ritard in m. 8
  • Place slight tenuto in first of 16th note runs in mm. 9, 10, 11 and similar spots
  • Crescendo through 9-13 with a subito mp in m. 14
  • Crescendo from 16 to the very end where the diminuendo is written

Adagio / Allegro con spirito, “b” ending

  • Crescendo mm. 26-27 with diminuendo in m. 28
  • Crescendo in mm. 29-30 with a strong ending


Download these performance notes [pdf].

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