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  • Spark-Carolina's Music Leadership			Laboratory


As much a mindset as it is a business practice, entrepreneurship falls somewhere on the spectrum from career success to leadership.

Spark-Carolina’s Music Leadership Laboratory at the University of South Carolina spearheads a variety of initiatives related to entrepreneurship including individual classes, presentations, one-on-one counseling, and an 18-credit music entrepreneurship minor.

At the heart of every activity is a single priority: your success.


Take control of their lives.

Create opportunities.

Think outside the box.

Get the “big picture.”

Have the courage to lead.

Have the skills to collaborate.

Are financially literate.

Embrace technological evolution.

Are not afraid to question conventional wisdom.

Adapt to our quickly changing world.

Entrepreneurial inclinations influence artistic, educational, professional, and personal decisions, even when no finances are involved. It’s a type of problem solving. Entrepreneurship equals creativity and pro-activity.


Consider the many ways an entrepreneurial mindset can help a musician like you succeed:

Enhance financial gain
Entrepreneurs discover and create opportunities for earning income, regardless of environment. Even artists with traditional jobs can benefit from generating additional work.

Create freedom and gratification
Entrepreneurship means taking control of your destiny. Most artist-entrepreneurs proudly pursue “labors of love.”

Stand out
Many arts opportunities are cutthroat to obtain. Creative entrepreneurs have an edge on those who have simply pursued a normal path.

Increase demand and impact
Entrepreneurial artists insist on projects that are relevant, meaningful, and noteworthy. As a result, demand for their work is high.

Address job challenges
Aspects of most arts jobs, even traditional ones, require entrepreneurial solutions.

Ensure a legacy
Most artists hope to make some sort of meaningful positive difference in the lives of others. Entrepreneurial actions can result in powerful legacies.

Entrepreneurship Faculty

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.