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All State Band Recordings


Junior Euphonium: Audition Solo 1C, Allegretto grazioso

This solo is a dance - a waltz to be specific - so be sure to keep a flowing, dancing feel throughout. Even in the marcato sections there should still be the dance element present. Make particular note of where the accents are and be sure to bring them out.

Clinic Euphonium: Audition Solo 2D, Andante cantabile / Poco agitato

There needs to be a distinct difference in mood and style from the opening Andante cantabile section to the Poco agitato. While the changes in key and tempo does some of that work, the difference in articulation and direction still needs to be added to accentuate the difference. Also be sure to return to the original feeling for the last four measures, especially when playing ending b. Keep the fast notes even and smooth throughout, being sure not to rush.

Senior Euphonium: Audition Solo 3F, Allegro

What will make this solo really stand out is exaggeration. Keeping a wide range of dynamics and focusing on the varied articulations will bring it to life and create excitement throughout. Be sure to keep the tempo steady through the whole piece, not rushing in the fast passages or taking too much time in the lyrical passages.

Download these performance notes [pdf].

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