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School of Music

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Degree Programs

The School of Music prepares musicians for professional careers and leadership in music teaching, performance, composition, research and related fields, offering more than 20 degree programs.  With a combination of passion and pragmatism, nurturing and virtuosity, cost and value, depth and breadth of opportunity, the USC School of Music provides a perfect balance of high musical standards, a caring environment vested in student success, and career and musical life preparation.

Minor in Music  

The music minor gives students majoring in other disciplines the opportunity to continue formalized study in music and build music into their lives and broaden and deepen their knowledge and musical experiences.

Minor in Audio Recording

This minor provides music students with applicable knowledge and skills in audio recording and music production. Students develop competencies in aural and music analysis, the use of audio hardware and software, microphone theory and technique, and the application of sound in media.

Minor in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial inclinations influence artistic, educational, professional, and personal decisions, even when no finances are involved. Entrepreneurship equals creativity and pro-activity.

Minor in Music Industry Studies

This minor prepares music and non-music students for executive and administrative careers in the music industry. Students are immersed in an interdisciplinary curriculum that provides a foundational understanding of business and the music industry. 

Undergraduate Certificate in Music

The performance certificate is for gifted and highly motivated students who meet the quality standards of a performance major but who are pursuing a nonperformance degree. 

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The B.A. in Music is designed for students who want to study music while preparing for careers in other areas or for students who want to prepare for careers in musical fields not covered by other degrees.

Bachelor of Music

This degree gives you a firm grounding in general education and signifies that you are a performer at the highest skill level. Three new concentrations under the Bachelor of Music in Performance are offered: Entrepreneurship, Music Technology or Chamber Music.

Certificate of Graduate Study in Music Performance

The Certificate of Graduate Studies in Music Performance is designed for students who have completed an undergraduate degree in music and wish to focus on applied music study and performance activities. 

Master of Music

Our graduate programs let you hone your musical talents by working with world-class faculty who will give you the skills and confidence you need to build a successful career in performance, instruction or research. A new concentration is offered under Master of Music in Performance: Community Engagement.

Master of Music Education

Students who successfully complete our master’s program in music education further their knowledge and understanding through study of history, philosophy, learning theory and pedagogical practice. Teacher certification is required for admission to this degree.

Master of Arts in Teaching

This degree program is offered in conjunction with the College of Education. Students who successfully complete the Master of Arts in Teaching (Music Education) degree will be prepared for careers in music education and are qualified for South Carolina teacher certification. 

Doctor of Musical Arts

Master and broaden your skills with our graduate programs by working with renowned faculty and guest artists who are dedicated to the musical arts and to your success.

Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education

The Doctor of Philosophy with a major in music education attracts outstanding students who have an interest in research in the areas of music teaching, the psychology of music learning and early childhood music.