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School of Music

Scholarships and Financial Aid in Music

We know our students and their families are concerned about the increasing cost of a college education. We have extensive resources to help you.

Scholarships In Music

About two-thirds of School of Music students receive music scholarships. Students who audition for admission on or before each audition cycle's last official audition date are automatically reviewed for all available music scholarships; no additional paperwork is required. All School of Music awards are merit-based scholarships.

Out-of-state students who receive School of Music scholarships of at least $500 a year are eligible for a sizable reduction in out-of-state tuition and fees, as long as they meet minimum academic requirements.

Prospective students should be aware that they have until May 1 of their senior year in high school to review, accept and decline music scholarship offers, following the National Association of Schools of Music ethics guidelines. Any offers with earlier deadlines should be extended until May 1 without penalty. For more information about this, please contact our Music Admissions office.

All accepted music scholarships are evaluated for renewal after the conclusion of the spring semester each year. As long as students meet the criteria in their scholarship award letters and sign the required paperwork requesting a renewal, their music scholarships will be renewed.

Learn more about admissions/scholarship auditions and schedule an audition.

Academic Scholarships

The University of South Carolina has a wide range of generous academic scholarships. Prospective students are automatically reviewed for academic scholarships when they submit their application materials as long as they meet Admissions’ deadlines.

Many academic scholarships for out-of-state students come with out-of-state tuition waivers, allowing out-of-state students to receive in-state tuition. For more information on USC academic scholarships, visit or call USC Admissions at 803-777-7700. Many School of Music students receive both academic and School of Music scholarships awards. Academic awards are open to prospective freshmen only; prospective transfer students are not evaluated for academic awards.

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at USC

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships has a helpful website with extensive information about covering the cost of attending USC. Prospective students and their families will find it to be an excellent source for information about loans, scholarships, part-time employment and work-study programs.

To speak with someone in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, call 803-777-8134.

Veterans Benefits

Contact the University Office of Veterans Affairs, 803/777-5156 or

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