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School of Music

Music Play

Music Play at Community Music Development Center

Guidelines for class participation

What parents and caregivers should do:

  • Be the best musical model you can be for your child. Participate in singing, chanting and moving in class and at home.
  • Avoid moving your child's limbs for him or her.
  • Encourage your child to babble tonally and rhythmically, but NEVER force your child to make a music response in class or at home.
  • Encourage your child to move freely and continuously, but NEVER force your child to move in class or at home.
  • If your child hears a piano being played at home, make sure the piano is tuned.
  • Please remember that classes are not performance classes. Music Play classes have been designed to allow each child to develop his or her musicianship in a natural and unpressured manner.

Additional considerations:

  • No drinks or snacks are allowed in the classroom. Please step outside the classroom if your child needs a drink or snack; then rejoin the group.
  • Strollers, diaper bags and other personal items should be stored in room 108.
  • Parents and caregivers are encouraged to bring tape recorders to record classes for personal use at home.  Any other use of taped recordings of class is prohibited.