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School of Music

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The B.A. in Music is designed for students who want to major in music while receiving a broad, liberal arts education. B.A. students will select a cognate (12 credits) or minor area (18 credits) outside the School of Music to prepare for a variety of careers that may be interdisciplinary in nature.

Students must satisfy all general education requirements as specified in the chosen degree. These requirements are designed to give students broad experience in liberal arts and sciences and opportunities to develop intellectual skills in analysis and evaluation, as well as competence in written and oral communication. These requirements vary somewhat between the bachelor of arts and the bachelor of music degrees.

If you'd like to get started, please contact the admissions team by completing the online interest form.

Bachelor of Arts - 121 hours total

Carolina Core
a) AIU-MUSC 115 [3 credits], Humanities [9 credits]
b) ARP-Two Courses from MATH 122, 141, 142, 170; PHIL 110, 111; CSCE 101 or higher, STAT 110 or higher [6 credits]
c) CMW-ENGL 101, 102 [passed with "C" or higher, 6 credits]
d) GSS-Social Sciences [6 credits]
e) GHS-Historical Thinking [1 US and 1 non-US, 6 credits]
f) GFL-Language Proficiency through 122 [0-9 credits]
g) SCI-Two courses from ASTR, BIOL, CHEM, GEOL, MSCI, PHYS [8 credits]
h) Overlay Eligible Courses- (CMS, INF, VSR; up to two of these requirements may be met in overlay courses) [3-9 credits]

47-56 credits

Major Requirements 
a) MUSC 116, 117, 118, 215, 216, 217, 218 (13 credits) 
b) MUSC 353, 354, 455 (9 credits) 
c) Applied Music courses (12 credits)
d) Ensembles, at least 4 credits of major ensemble (8 credits) 
e) Music Electives (6 credits)
f) MUSC 100 - Recital Class (6 semesters)
g) MUSC 100A
h) MUSC 100L (1 credit)

49 credits

Cognate or Minor

12-18 credits

Nonmusic Electives

0-13 credits
Course details and Four-Year Degree Plan

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