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Music Career Week offers a wealth of information on dozens of career paths for musicians

SPARK: Carolina’s Music Leadership Laboratory sponsors a week of career-focused classes, career coaching sessions, and a career fair.

SPARK: Carolina’s Music Leadership Laboratory organizes a number of initiatives throughout the year that benefit the university community, including programs that foster successful music career development. Each semester a different theme is offered to assist students in navigating a successful path in music.

The newest program offered by SPARK during the current spring semester is Music Career Week – a week of classes, career coaching sessions and a music career fair, to help students prepare for the workforce.

During the week of January 22 through 31, a concentration on career-focused issues for musicians will involve nearly all School of Music faculty members, as well as faculty from other disciplines, and community leaders and arts administrators who will participate in the Music Career Fair.

Billed as “speed dating for careers,” the Music Career Fair on Friday, January 24 will present a cross-discipline approach to career development. Students can explore the potential and challenges of more than 40 career paths available to musicians.

“The events of Music Career Week are designed to demonstrate the variety of possible career paths, introduce students to music professionals within the University and greater Columbia community, and assist students as they prepare for their future professional lives. We are excited that so many faculty members of the School of Music will be participating in this inaugural event.”  Spark director, Rebecca Schalk Nagel

The week’s events culminate at the Music Library with the SPARK Library Collection unveiling, the first music library collection devoted to success, innovation and big ideas.

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SPARK: Carolina’s Music Leadership Laboratory taps into the creative and imaginative energy of USC music students and faculty. Focused on success, innovation and community, SPARK prepares music leaders for the 21st century. Spark’s formula for developing leaders is at the core of its mission: success + innovation + community = leadership. Learn more about SPARK.

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