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Arnold School of Public Health

  • 2022 Commencement

2022 Student Awards

The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders is proud to announce the recipients of their 2022 Student Awards. These students were selected for their outstanding performance both academically and in their clinical placements outside the classroom.

Jane Stratton


Outstanding Master of Science-Residential

Jane Stratton
"Jane has the highest clinical average of any student in the on-campus cohort, receiving the highest score possible (a 5.0) on each of her external practicum evaluations from both her school supervisor at a middle school placement and her first adult practicum supervisor in outpatient. Additionally, Jane was selected for an internship specializing in aphasia at a prestigious rehabilitation hospital in Denver. Jane has been a pleasure to work with for practicum planning and is always quick to complete any necessary paperwork!" ~Faculty Nominator

Chari Birklid


Outstanding Master of Science-Distance Education

Chari Birklid
"It has been a pleasure to mentor Chari. I have had many students, and she really stands out in her clinicals! Seeking her second career, I am very inspired by her drive and dedication to the field. She brings so much passion and energy to her sessions. While I am always looking for ways to efficiently plan lessons to carry over across my caseload, she does quite the opposite. She individually plans lessons for each child based on their disability, learning style, interests and goals to keep them engaged and entertained while "tricking" them into learning. I don't know when she has time to sleep, but I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her grow in her clinical skills and confidence this semester. She is always on time and overly prepared. I wish all of my students were like her." ~External Clinical Supervisor Nominator


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