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Arnold School of Public Health

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Alan W. Decho, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Title: Associate Dean for Research & Professor
Director, Microbial Interactions Laboratory
Department: Office of Research
Arnold School of Public Health
Phone: 803-777-9248
Office: Discovery I
915 Greene Street, 503C

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Microbial Interactions Laboratory


Research and Teaching Interests

Alan Decho’s research interests center on attached forms of bacteria, called 'Biofillms'. The biofilm allows bacteria to act as a coordinated group rather than as individual cells. They form microscopic (invisible) coatings that are important in health, disease and environmental processes. In health, biofilms commonly occur in/on human body in many areas. They are important to proper health, but also play central roles in infection. They are also the predominant form of microbial life in natural environments.   Dr. Decho currently teaches a graduate-undergraduate course on 'Biofilms in the Environment, Health and Disease.