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Arnold School of Public Health

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Ciaran Fairman, Ph.D., CSCS, CET

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Exercise Science
Arnold School of Public Health
Phone: 803-576-8397
Office Hours: Google Scholar
Lab website: Exercise Oncology Lab
Ciaran Fairman

Research and Teaching Interests

Dr. Fairman’s primary research focus is examining the impact of exercise, nutrition and supplementation interventions during and after cancer treatments. The purpose of this research is to see if we can prevent or reduce the side effects experienced with cancer and its treatments. Specific research areas include the manipulation of dose, frequency, volume or intensity of exercise to optimize clinically relevant outcomes in cancer patients; resistance training across the cancer continuum; nutrition/supplementation to augment training adaptations; exercise medicine and tumor biology. Dr. Fairman is also a strong advocate of the dissemination/translation of scientific research to a variety of audiences. He is the host of the REACH podcast (, where he discusses the latest research in exercise oncology.

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