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Arnold School of Public Health

Staff Spotlight: Sandy Besley

January 12, 2022 | Erin Bluvas,

“Interacting with my colleagues and helping them find solutions to a problem is by far my favorite thing about this position,” says Sandy Besley, the Arnold School’s Director of Budget Management. “By nature, I’m a helper and I like to find multiple ways to view and solve problems.”

Besley has been a helper throughout her entire 26-year career – all of which has taken place within the UofSC system. She began her tenure at the Aiken campus, where she had earned a degree in interdisciplinary studies, as a fiscal technician.

She then worked as a budget and special projects coordinator before serving as the budget manager and later the budget director for the entire campus. Working within the Division of Finance and Administration, Besley oversaw the budget, administering and implementing all aspects for fiscal management and analysis.

For the past four years, Besley has worked in the Office of the Dean, serving as one of the main liaisons between central administration and the Arnold School. On a typical day, she engages in nearly every business process, including finance, operations, accounting, payroll and customer service. Problem solving and policy interpretation are core parts of the job, according to Besley.

“Sandy Besley is my go-to person for all matters financial in the Dean’s office," says Tom Chandler, Dean of the Arnold School. "She is so knowledgeable and likeable that just about everyone in the university budgetary and financial circles know and trust her work… as I most certainly do!”

“Trying to ensure we can accomplish the amazing work that is done here in the Arnold School while abiding by all the rules that govern us is challenging, but it is very rewarding,” she says.

One of the best parts of Besley’s job is being a part of a winning team, working with extraordinary people who appreciate and acknowledge one another’s contributions and successes. She’s particularly aware of the influence that prepares future generations to participate in research and discovery.

“What happens here everyday is incredible, and everyone contributes to that in some way,” Besley says. “As we start the new year, I challenge everyone to reflect on the fact that what we do collectively is very meaningful and let that motivate us to keep going even when times are uncertain. I also want to wish everyone a year full of discovery, inspiration and merriment.”

Off campus, Besley’s personal interests align nicely with the noble goals of the field she serves. In addition to antiquing and gardening, she has been an active volunteer with the American Heart Association and child advocacy groups for many years.

The Staff Spotlight Series is sponsored by the Arnold School's Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


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